Thursday, February 21, 2019

For Sale - Used APQS Millennium Longarm with Bliss Track System

We traded in a used APQS Millennium Longarm Quilting Machine with Bliss Track System and many other upgrades.  12Ft Frame.  Asking $12,995 for pick up in Lancaster, PA or we can freight ship it to you for free.  Please view more pictures here -

Machine is from 2014, excellent condition, really nice!

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Used Bernina 500 Embroidery Only Machine For Sale

We just got in a used Bernina 500 Embroidery Only Machine today.  We are selling this machine for $2,395 with free shipping.  Please contact if you are interested -

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Baby Lock Tiara Longarm Quilting Machine For Sale

We just received a nice Baby Lock Tiara Sit down quilting machine and it is now for sale in Lancaster, PA.  This machine comes with an upgraded table and a stitch regulator.  This machine was traded in for a demo Bernina Q20 machine.

Price - $3995

The Baby Lock Tiara is now set up and ready for you to test.  For more pictures, visit -

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Sunday, April 22, 2018

Used Nolting Fun Quilter 20 Quilting Longarm For Sale with 12 Foot Frame

For Sale:  Used Nolting Fun Quilting 20 Long Arm Quilting Machine with a 12 Foot Upgraded Commercial Frame.

Price - $6995

Location - Lancaster, PA 
(Mid Atlantic Region - New York, New Jersey, Virginia, Maryland, Delaware)

The Nolting Fun Quilter 20 Longarm has a built in stitch regulator and a heavy duty frame.  You can purchase quilting robotics for this longarm but that is not included.  Some of the popular robotics systems are Butler and possibly Quilt Artist 2.

This used home quilting machine is in excellent condition and is set up and ready for viewing -

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Saturday, April 7, 2018

For Sale: HQ Handi Quilter Sweet Sixteen Longarm Quilting Machine

Today we received an HQ Handi Quilter Sweet Sixteen Longarm Quilting Machine as a trade-in for a Bernina. This HQ Sweet Sixteen is only one year old and has the optional table overlay.

Price - $3995
Location - Lancaster, PA

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